Prayer for the Fourth Week in Lent | EverydayLiturgy.Com

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God of Peace,

You sustain us through every storm and temptation.
You are in the midst of the tempest protecting us from harm
and you show your loving-kindness through your deliverance.

We look to you as our hope, come from heaven to earth,
to show us the way to your kingdom of unending light.

When we are hungry we become full from your compassion.
When we are thirsty we become satisfied by your mercy.
When we are tired we become rested by your faithfulness.

We look to you as our refuge, the Prince of Peace,
who comes as the judge and advocates on our behalf.

Show us your way O Lord, that we not depart from it.
Deliver us from our iniquities, that in your love
We become whole, devout and true, obedient
only to your will and the blessed rule of your Son.



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