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A Rather Blunt Lenten Prayer

I cannot wait for that empty tomb.
How dare you make me wait?
How dare you make me wonder?
I wait in this Lenten season for answers, for questions, for redemption.
I wonder why we are tempted, why we are free, why we are beckoned?
And what beckons us forward, your Son who was brought here to save us?
What questions us, your Spirit, who drives us into the wilderness?
And what answers us?

The road.
The road answers me for it is long and blessed and holy.
The road questions me for it asks me what cross I am willing to bear.
The road redeems me for it is my blessed savior who walks it with me.

Be with me, your servant, for I am eager and scared and needy.
Be with me, your child, for I am ready and yet unprepared.
Be with me, your beloved, for I am sinful and wish to be cleansed.
Answer me…
Question me…
Redeem me…

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Courage for the Long Road Ahead | Psalm 103


Artwork by Timothy Botts

The season of Lent is almost upon us and that means that we are about to depart on a long, long journey to the cross. After placing ashes on one another this Wednesday to remind us our our mortality we will journey with Jesus to his temptation (and, indeed, our own) as we enter into the wilderness that exists between us at that glorious empty tomb.

As Luke’s account of the Transfiguration reminded us last week, we are now called to leave that glorious mountain for the holy valley where we must depend on the light of Christ to illuminate the path to the cross.

But between the convulsions of the demonized boy in yesterday’s passage, the dismal language of dust and ashes of this Wednesday, and our upcoming encounter with Satan this upcoming Sunday, I need comfort, courage, and conviction!

Thanks be to God for Psalm 103 and it’s placement in the lectionary for our departure on this Lenten journey!

On Wednesday we will begin this journey but we will not travel it alone. Psalm 103 reminds us who it is that goes with us every step of the way:

Our God who forgives, who heals, and who redeems our lives…
Our God who crowns us with steadfast love and mercy…
Our God who is merciful and gracious and slow to anger…
Our God who removes our transgressions from us…
Our God who has compassion for us…
Our God who renews us…
Our God who is from everlasting to everlasting…

This psalm reminds me that I mustn’t forget all of God’s benefits, especially during this season of Lent. Therefore, as courage for the long road ahead, I am heading up to my apartment to print off a copy of Psalm 103. I will carry it in my back pocket for the entirety of my Lenten journey. I will read it and be reminded of who it is that walks with me (and you!) on this journey.

Friends, do not forget all God’s benefits! Take heart and be courageous for we are in good company on this wild and precious journey.

Grace and peace,


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Prayer of Confession | Ash Wednesday (Year C)

Holy God, we are mortals whose days are like flowers
that flourish, then whither, and die.
Yet we act as if we’re immortal
and our treasures will keep us alive.
Forgive us, your servants, for our failure to trust
your mercy, your grace, and your love.
Hear us this day as we confess before you
those things that we have placed above you.

God of all mercy, so great is your steadfast love toward us.
Give us the courage to follow you on this Lenten path
and to walk in the light of your grace.
Turn our hearts toward you and our feet to the path you have chosen
that we may trust your abundance
and follow your Son to the cross.


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Call to Worship | Ash Wednesday (Year C)

The following Call to Worship is inspired by Psalm 103

One: We are gathered to begin a holy journey;
Many: a long, long road to the cross.
One: We are called to follow our blessed savior;
Many: to trust in his steadfast love.
One: We are commissioned to follow our God of grace;
Many: who walks with us each step of the way.
One: We are marked as mere mortals by ashes and dust;
Many: but our hope is in God who redeems.

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