“When Worry Breaks Our Troubled Hearts”

“When Worry Breaks Our Troubled Hearts”
by Stephen Fearing

1. When worry breaks our troubled hearts
and hands that tremble fill with fear,
Creator, come and fix in us
the faith that knows your grace is near.

2. When gone seem days that once were fair
and eyes that cry seek peace above,
Redeemer, come and free in us
the fullness of your steadfast love.

3. When dread, despair, and death oppress
and feet but stumble, trip, and fall,
Sustainer, come and seal our hearts
with courage, peace, and love for all.

4. “I will be who I’ll be,” says God
to us who serve the Three in One.
We strive together ’til the day
when God, at last, sees all things done.

LM (
Suggested tunes: Prospect, Bourbon, Duke’s Street, Erhalt Uns Herr, and Hamburg.

With many thanks to Michael Morgan at Columbia Theological Seminary for his editorial and theological support!


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5 responses to ““When Worry Breaks Our Troubled Hearts”

  1. Great words. I think they’d also go well to O Waly, Waly.

  2. Reblogged this on Truly, Tricia❀ and commented:
    Beautiful:) you allow for so many images of God. Im slowly becoming a fan, and in this case I find that form comforting.

  3. Rebecca

    Very nice Stephen. I’m so glad you posted this. BTW, when I first looked at the suggested tunes, I saw Bourbon and thought that it was a suggested beverage — guess you know where my head is!

  4. I love how your image of God connects to the reality of living

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