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Thematic Prayer | Fifth Sunday in Lent (Year C)

From the Revised Common Lectionary website here.

Creator God,
you prepare a new way in the wilderness
and your grace waters the desert.
Help us to recognize your hand
working miracles beyond our imagining.
Open our hearts to be transformed
by the new thing you are doing,
so that our lives may proclaim
the extravagance of your love for all,
and its presence in Jesus Christ. Amen.

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The Gift | A Poem by John Stuart

John Stuart, who blogs here, shared this poem he wrote inspired by the gospel text for this week. Enjoy!

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Prayer of Confession (2) | Fifth Sunday in Lent (Year C)

Another wonderful piece of liturgy from Teri Peterson! And thanks to LiturgyLink.net for sharing this with us!

One: Do you not perceive it
All: No, God, we confess that often we are blind to the new thing you are doing.
One: So often we are not looking, and sometimes we choose not to see.
All: We are comfortable with the way things are—we weary of the call to your newness.
One: Sometimes we see, but our hearts are hardened and we look away, making excuses.
All: But you call us to respond, to live in your kingdom now.
One: Forgive our status-quo caution, our focus on self-preservation rather than on your kingdom.
All: Forgive our narrow vision and insistence that you fit into our plans.
One: Open us to the movement of your Spirit,
All: and give us hearts ready to be generous in response.

sung: Kyrie Eleison


Submitted by Rev. Teri Peterson, the Presbyterian Church of Palatine, IL.

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Psalm 126 | Paraphrase by Michael Morgan | Fifth Sunday in Lent (Year C)

The following paraphrase of Psalm 126 is from my dear friend and mentor, Michael Morgan. This paraphrase of Psalm 126 (and, in fact, every psalm) can be found in his published psalter, Psalter for Christian Worship, Revised Edition. The suggested tunes for this Psalm ( D) are IN BARILONE, HOLY MANNA, and BEACH SPRING. Psalm 126 is the lectionary psalm for the fifth sunday in lent, year c.

When the Lord brought home our treasure,
     All delights were like a dream;
In defeat, a shout of vict’ry;
     In the sand, a flowing stream.
Mouths that once were parched with anguish
     Now with shouts of joy are filled;
Laughter now displaces sadness
     For the goodness God has willed.

Bring us back to former glory,
     Lost through years of exile’s pain;
Generations long forgotten
     Seek God’s favor to regain.
Those who plant their seeds with grieving,
     Wetting soil with falling tears,
Shall rejoice in time of harvest,
     Reaping hope for all their years.

Used with permission from Michael Morgan.

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Prayer of Confession (1) | Fifth Sunday in Lent (Year C)

From Feasting on the Word – Worship Companion, edited by Kimberly Bracken Long.

Purifying God,
we grow comfortable with the way things are
in our lives, in the church, and in the world.
We do not always welcome the new life you offer in Christ,
for you overturn our notions of power and protocol.
Sure of our own righteousness, we are critical of others.
Wanting to control our assets,
we hoard the gifts you give us.
Forgive us, we pray, for seeking our gain at the expense of others.
Help us bend our lives toward your own life of self-giving and sacrifice.
Fill us, our homes and churches, the whole world,
with the abundant love of Christ until all are made new.
In Christ’s name, we pray. Amen.

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Prayer for the Fourth Week in Lent | EverydayLiturgy.Com

The following prayer is from EverydayLiturgy.com.

God of Peace,

You sustain us through every storm and temptation.
You are in the midst of the tempest protecting us from harm
and you show your loving-kindness through your deliverance.

We look to you as our hope, come from heaven to earth,
to show us the way to your kingdom of unending light.

When we are hungry we become full from your compassion.
When we are thirsty we become satisfied by your mercy.
When we are tired we become rested by your faithfulness.

We look to you as our refuge, the Prince of Peace,
who comes as the judge and advocates on our behalf.

Show us your way O Lord, that we not depart from it.
Deliver us from our iniquities, that in your love
We become whole, devout and true, obedient
only to your will and the blessed rule of your Son.


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A Prayer for Late in Lent | Fifth Sunday in Lent (Year C)

The following prayer is from the United Methodist Church.

God of the desert,
God of the forty years of wandering,
God of the forty days in the wilderness,
bring us to the waters of the Jordan
and into Easter’s promise.
Sustain us in the remaining days of this Lenten desert
so that at last we rejoice in the contrasts
of fasting and feasting,
of stones one side of the waters
and of milk and honey on the other.

Steady us so that we are present
to the rigors of each day’s trek.
Let unsought silences and deprivations
be occasions to “be overruled and swallowed up”
in your vast action.
Turn hungers for the things that we left behind in Egypt
into spiritual leanness glad for the Bread of Heaven.
Increase in us hospitality to the stranger.
Convert us as we journey
with candidates for baptism and confirmation.
Subdue the enemy within us
as you make peace in all the world.
Work repentance in your church
until our unity in Christ overpowers
our cherished divisions.
Go before us as the desert gives way to Easter’s Alleluia.

Quotation from Evelyn Underhill’s “Abba” based on her retreat address on the Lord’s Prayer.

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