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Call to Worship | Good Friday (Year C)

On this dark night, as the shadows deepen,
We come to be present with Jesus.
With the glory of Palm Sunday behind us and the victory of Easter not yet come,
We will sit together in this space with our breaking, our broken hearts.
In this world that is at once beautiful and holy and tragic,
We seek to be present with all who suffer.
In the dark valleys of life, when sorrow threatens to overwhelm,
We long for a safe and sacred space to sit with our grief and our questions.
Jesus Christ, holy friend,
we know that you are here with us.
Let us be here with you. Amen.

Submitted by Joanna Harader via SpaciousFaith.com.


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Call to Worship (2) | Fifth Sunday in Lent (Year C)

Though we could be resentful,
we come to give thanks.
Though we could be complaining,
we come to offer appreciation.
Though we could be upset about what we lack,
we come in gratitude for what we have.
We enter now into this time of worship
carrying seed to sow, singing songs of joy,
rejoicing together.

~ written by Joanna Harader, and posted on the Spacious Faith blog. http://spaciousfaith.com/

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Call to Worship (2) | Fourth Sunday in Lent (Year C)

Leader: We are here.

Side 1: In this place where we experience God’s love.

Side 2: In this place where we practice loving each other.

Leader: We are here.

Side 1: Some of us have returned from a distant country.

Side 2: Some of us have snapped out of our own petty preoccupations.

All: At least for now.

Leader: We are here.

All: We are home.

Submitted by Rev. Joanna Harader.

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Prayer of Confession (3) | Fourth Sunday in Lent (Year C)

Holy One,

The space between us is too great–

this agonizing expanse between you and us:

The rift we have created by demanding our share.

The distance we have put between us as we flee to a far country.

The resentment we hold when things don’t seem fair.

Our refusal to join your gracious party.

Forgive each selfish request

each step away

each bitter thought

each joyless rejection.

Forgive us

and run toward us

with open arms.

Submitted by Rev. Joanna Harader.

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