Call to Worship (2) | Easter Sunday (Year C)

The following Call to Worship is from the Mennonite Church of Canana.

We are here today because the weeping Mary of Magdala once said:
“I have seen the Lord!”
We are here on this Easter morning because Jesus still comes into our locked spaces and says:
“Peace be with you. Receive the Holy Spirit.”
We are here today like doubting Thomas who finally cried:
“My Lord and my God”
We are here like Peter, tempted to forget the call of Jesus:
“I’m going fishing.”
We’re here this morning because of Jesus, who asks us face-to-face:
“Do you truly love me?”
We gather here to whisper timidly.
“Yes, Lord, you know that we love you.”
We are here as a congregation only because many faithful disciples
have listened to Jesus’ words:
“Do not be afraid. Do not be afraid! Go and tell, ‘Jesus has been raised!”


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