Feasting on the Word – Worship Companion (Volume 2) to be released soon!

Dear Readers:
I hope you all have enjoyed the “teasers” of the Feasting on the Word – Worship Companion that I have been posting on my blog. This is a tremendous resource that I cannot recommend enough! I will only be posting liturgy from Feasting on the Word for the next few weeks (until Easter) so I hope that you all will purchase a copy for yourselves.

The current volume provides liturgy up to Pentecost of this year. The next volume (which will take us from Trinity Sunday to Reign of Christ – Year C) is coming out in a few weeks. You can purchase it here. Volume 1 can be purchased here.

You should note that the hard copy also comes with a CD containing a digital edition of its contents for ease of transferring liturgy to bulletins. Also, Kindle editions of both volumes are available via Amazon.

Again, I hope you have enjoyed the teasers. Take care!

Grace and peace,



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