A Rather Blunt Lenten Prayer

I cannot wait for that empty tomb.
How dare you make me wait?
How dare you make me wonder?
I wait in this Lenten season for answers, for questions, for redemption.
I wonder why we are tempted, why we are free, why we are beckoned?
And what beckons us forward, your Son who was brought here to save us?
What questions us, your Spirit, who drives us into the wilderness?
And what answers us?

The road.
The road answers me for it is long and blessed and holy.
The road questions me for it asks me what cross I am willing to bear.
The road redeems me for it is my blessed savior who walks it with me.

Be with me, your servant, for I am eager and scared and needy.
Be with me, your child, for I am ready and yet unprepared.
Be with me, your beloved, for I am sinful and wish to be cleansed.
Answer me…
Question me…
Redeem me…


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