Prayer of Confession | Ash Wednesday (Year C)

Holy God, we are mortals whose days are like flowers
that flourish, then whither, and die.
Yet we act as if we’re immortal
and our treasures will keep us alive.
Forgive us, your servants, for our failure to trust
your mercy, your grace, and your love.
Hear us this day as we confess before you
those things that we have placed above you.

God of all mercy, so great is your steadfast love toward us.
Give us the courage to follow you on this Lenten path
and to walk in the light of your grace.
Turn our hearts toward you and our feet to the path you have chosen
that we may trust your abundance
and follow your Son to the cross.


Filed under Lent, Liturgy

2 responses to “Prayer of Confession | Ash Wednesday (Year C)

  1. MW

    Blessings on you and your good work as we enter the season of Lent!

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