Prayer of Confession – Luke 24:13-49 (Responsive)

Rob Lively, member at First Presbyterian Church of Dalton, Georgia and former youth adviser of mine, has taken the prayer which I posted a few days ago and turned it into a responsive prayer.  Many thanks for his creativity!  Here it is:

            Holy and merciful God,
            We come before you as a broken people.
            Our sinful thoughts and deeds obscure our focus
            Upon your triumphant “yes!” of Easter.
            Though your grace surrounds us everywhere we go, We say NO
            Though you walk with us on our journey, We say NO
            Though you take, break, bless, and give, We say NO
            To your merciful invitation to live freely for you and one another, We say NO
            O Lord, forgive us our sins.
            God of Easter,
            Help us to recognize, You as the Risen Lord
            Guide us, that we might walk with you
            Cleanse us, that we might no longer be slaves to sin
            Come to us, in the breaking of the bread
            Come to us, as we are but leave us not as we were;
In your mercy, Lord, hear our prayer.

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